Why do we age ?

Why do we age and can the aging process really be stopped? Yes, groundbreaking scientific research results from renowned age researchers prove this.


The cause of aging is life itself. Because it means hard work for our body to maintain the complex functions of life over decades. Energy supply of cells and organs, transport of nutrients and degradation products from one end of the body to the other, regulation of cell growth and cell death. All of this is based on an ingenious system that involves millions of cells, tens of thousands of molecules and proteins.

As in a large company, breakdowns and dropouts also occur in this mammoth project over time. Important messages "trickle away" on the way to the recipient and never arrive. Cells die too early or start to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner because the control instance fails for a short time or the instructions - our genes - are incorrectly read. On top of that, more and more “rubbish” accumulates, toxic or simply bulky metabolic products that disrupt the smooth running of the processes.

The consequence: Decreasing energy metabolism in the body and decreasing performance. The body systems no longer function properly. The aging process affects all body functions, cells, tissues and organs. Aging goes hand in hand with age-related complaints and diseases.

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