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We deal with the latest scientific findings in age research. We report on the significant developments that can make stopping & reversing aging and the associated better quality of life possible for everyone. New groundbreaking scientific achievements can give us all a healthy and long life. Our reporting is intended for science, research and medicine, as well as for anyone interested in the subject. We want everyone to know about these revolutionary developments!

We start our reporting with NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide that has exceptional success.

We see it as our task to honestly and transparently make the new active ingredients of aging research available to the general public. Our NMN

We budget economically and conscientiously and always remain true to our motto “Best quality at fair prices”. Our online shop

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Martin Krampen, owner for over 30 years of the company KVB Gesellschaft mbH. I dedicate myself to this important task out of conviction. I guarantee the quality and purity of our products. My personal NMN experience

ANNIVERSARY | 5 years Age-Science NMN specialist | 2019 – 2024 | Best quality at best prices | Be careful and trust our many years of experience 

We have been researching NMN since 2019 and are considered pioneers of the NMN scene. We are appalled by today's NMN market. There are many black sheep romping around. One unashamedly enriches oneself at the expense of those who can be helped. We do not want to accept that and oppose it. We do without gloss and mica and concentrate on the essentials.

Our mission - Everyone should know the new revolutionary results and active ingredients of age research.

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Please study the content of our website carefully. It is intended for science, research and medicine, as well as for everyone who is interested in the topic. The use of our products and active ingredients is your sole responsibility. Not suitable for children and young people. If you have any medical questions, please consult a doctor. Our information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes medical advice or legal advice; nor can we be held liable for it.