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Order NMN powder and products from us according to German quality standards. We deliver our products worldwide. In our online shop you can order our NMN powder at good fair prices | Free EU Shipping | 30 days satisfaction guarantee | What to look out for when purchasing NMN NMN purchasing tips

For science, research & medicine: NMN intermediate product of NAD synthesis. How NMN can stop and reverse aging @ NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide

Buying NMN is a matter of trust. That is why quality, transparency and experience are the most important things Our NMN experience

With us you order NMN at a fair & honest price. We are economical and work conscientiously About Us

NMN - tested & certified in Germany. Best quality is crucial Our NMN

Age-Science - NMN test by ISO / IEC 17025 accredited analysis laboratory Germany

Age Science Uthever® NMN has ≥99% purity. Certified by German analysis laboratories accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 Our certificates | Current NMN batch best before September 2025

Age-Science Uthever® NMN is stabilized, no special transport, no special cooling and storage is required! In a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test. Age Science Uthever® NMN is shipped worldwide in the same stress test packaging (green aluminum bags with inner double pharmaceutical polyethylene bags).

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With us you order NMN powder of the highest quality | Our NMN powders are non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free | No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives | 100% Pure NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide | When buying NMN powder or other NMN products, it should be noted that NMN is classified as a chemical in Germany and Europe and is not intended for human consumption | Uthever® NMN safety data sheet | FRONTIERS publication May 05, 2022 to Uthever® NMN:  Safety of Uthever® NMN (English version), Safety from Uthever® NMN (German version)

Age Science DHL GOGREEN Certificate 2022

SHIPPING TERMS | We deliver free of charge throughout Europe | With shipment tracking | Processing time 1 day | GOGREEN – Protect the climate with DHL | Shipping conditions also in ours FAQ's

  • Order NMN without shipping costs in Germany with DHL courier
  • NMN order without shipping costs throughout Europe with fast DHL courier from 150 € value of goods
  • NMN order without shipping costs throughout Europe with Deutsche Post up to a value of 149 € (often very slowly, sometimes up to 3 weeks)
  • Order NMN worldwide with DHL courier – flat rate shipping €18,90 (free of charge, for orders over €300)
  • Worldwide DHL Express delivery on request


  • The following applies to the NMN order: VAT-free worldwide export delivery to all third countries (incl. Switzerland) from a net goods value of €250,00 | by DHL courier with customs declaration and tracking | This service must be requested separately | Info VAT-free delivery to third countries
  • Customs and VAT fees may apply in third countries
  • VAT-free to entrepreneurs in the EU with a valid VAT ID | From a net value of goods of €500 | Info & discounts in the shopping cart | Also as a Withe Lable to order NMN (neutrally packed)
  • Requests @ Business-to-Business

All NMN powder products are in stock and immediately available | Processing time 1 day | Also in neutral packaging (white label) | B2B major customer inquiries @ Business-to-Business

Additional 2% discount on our prices when paying by bank transfer. We pass on saved transfer fees (PayPal, credit cards) to you.

New customer discount 5% | Quantity discount up to 25% | Discount details in shopping cart || Now with us: The new micronized NMN generation 13 second demo video | Test it for a one-time introductory price || Current NMN batch best before September 2025

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Uthever® NMN:  Safety of Uthever® NMN (English version), Safety from Uthever® NMN (German version)

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