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Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is an expensive active ingredient, so abuse cannot be ruled out. NMN is among the most counterfeited molecules. A recent study in the US tested 22 different providers - the results were devastating. Almost two-thirds offered no real or only inferior NMN. To study

The following information should be observed when purchasing an NMN:
  • Don't be fooled by sophisticated marketing methods and texts!! Examples: “We want health for as many people as possible” and "We are the bridge to longevity" and "We are a health research organization" and “We are the future of health” and "We extend your life" and “We have tens of thousands of happy members” and "There are no EU VAT and customs duties" …………. Be realistic and take a look behind the scenes!!
  • Check the imprint of the NMN provider extensively. Convince yourself of the loyalty and transparency, question company owners and responsible persons.
  • Be sure to include a phone number for personal contact.
  • Be sure to look out for real & up-to-date purity analysis certificates (see below)
  • Be sure to check the current NMN expiration date. The MHD is missing from most NMN providers. But belongs on every pack.
  • NMN may not be offered as a dietary supplement in Germany and Europe, but only as a chemical. This is kept secret by most NMN providers.
  • Check especially cheap offers carefully. We experienced it ourselves: instead of NMN we got ascorbic acid (vitamin C), milk powder, other indefinable powders and NMN expanded with salt.
  • Beware of suppliers from overseas (USA, Asia) and non-EU customs member states (GB, Switzerland)! In addition to shipping costs and the exchange rate, an additional 19% import sales tax and, in some cases, customs duties also have to be paid in Germany. Customs clearance is often difficult and the delivery time usually takes several weeks.
Shipping via EU external warehouses from suppliers from GB and overseas - "NMN delivery without EU VAT are not legal"

Beware of NMN providers with shipping via EU external warehouses – EU VAT obligation is bypassed! These providers illegally send the NMN within the EU Customs Union without EU Customs Union VAT and thus achieve an immense price advantage. This tax fraud is punishable and is equivalent to tax evasion. As a buyer, for your own safety, it is essential that you request an invoice that clearly shows the EU VAT ID and the amount and percentage of the “EU Customs Union VAT”! In this case, ignorance does not protect against punishment. Please seek tax advice. HEADS-UP: You will not receive a micronized NMN here but a no-name NMN (we have tested it)!! Age Science Uthever® NMN micronized this is how it looks @  13 second demo video


Do not be fooled. Many NMN providers suggest the quality of their NMN products with purity certificates. There are copied and forged certificates. Many NMN purity certificates refer to NMN analyzes from the past. Check the certificates and laboratories carefully. Certificates from the manufacturers themselves “COAs” are unacceptable. The certificates should definitely be from neutral ISO / IEC 17025 certified analysis laboratories and up-to-date!

Please also check the current NMN minimum expiry date (MHD).

NMN capsules and tablets - we miss purity certificates for these offers. If it says 500mg NMN, it should also contain 500mg NMN. Have the purity proven by current certificates and pay attention to our information listed above. Note that tablets and capsules contain additional substances and binders.

NMN certificates should look like this @ Our NMN certificates

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