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I provide the following information and experiences about NMN for science, research, medicine and for those who are equally interested.

At this point I would like to report on the NMN experiences of users. Although I have many positive NMN experience reports and users keep asking me about their good NMN experiences, the legislator unfortunately does not allow me to depict NMN experiences. That's a pity and I hope that this will change in the future and that we can again report on the positive NMN experiences and post NMN field reports.

Martin Krampen – I report on NMN tests and NMN experiences. About NMN research, NMN purchasing and the immense problems of getting good quality NMN. The aim is to make NMN of the best quality available to all users at fair prices. Already retired, I started my research in 2019 and was able to gain a lot of NMN experience. I act out of conviction and dedicate myself to the task with a lot of enthusiasm.

UPDATED: We are the first NMN supplier to specialize in NMN powder in Germany and Europe, we are pioneers in the NMN scene. We have already achieved a lot, the NMN powder market prices have reduced by two thirds since 2019! All NMN users benefit from it, as the positive NMN testimonials show us. We continue to work on our goal - everyone should know the new active ingredients in aging research! More about us

About Me

Since 2019, when I retired, I have been dealing with the aging process and geriatric science. During my research I came across the NMN research of Prof. Dr. David Sinclair. I studied his publications and also read his book "The End of Aging" (English version “Lifespan”). It was simple, clearly written and scientifically sound. I decided to use the scientific research results of Prof. Dr. David Sinclair to make known here in Europe.

I was born in 1958 and have been a type I diabetic on insulin since I was 30 years old. No diabetic complications. Cardiological findings: increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. Medication: Insulin, antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

When I was in my late 50s, the first age-related symptoms began to creep in. Pain in joints, tendons & muscles, back pain, muscle breakdown, declining condition, longer regeneration & recovery phases, exhaustion and weight gain. I myself have been taking NMN since 2019 with demonstrably positive experiences.

Here at this point you can now expect my personal 3-year NMN field report. However, official requirements no longer allow the depiction of NMN experiences. Information on this @ Request 'Martin Krampen'

NMN - Information for science, research, medicine and those interested

NMN is not a medicine or a dietary supplement. NMN is classified as a chemical in Europe and not intended for human consumption. Our NMN safety data sheet. NMN is used for research purposes and is the subject of many scientific studies. Useful NMN information is available on the Internet: detailed NMN information, studies, research results, NMN experiences @ NMN information

What is NMN

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) belongs to the family of B3 vitamins. It is a naturally occurring vitamin B3 chemical compound; such a compound is also called a derivative. The molecule is the immediate precursor of NAD+ and is involved in the biosynthesis of NAD+ in all living things. NAD+ plays an essential role in longevity and the aging process. From the age of 30, the NAD+ values ​​in our body cells decrease continuously, so that the aging process and diseases increase. Scientific studies show that the addition of NMN can increase the NAD+ level in organisms again. More info @ All about NMN

How is NMN made

NMN is produced by enzymatic synthesis. The manufacturing process is complex and the manufacturing costs are still high. In order to attach the important phosphate group to the starting material NR (nicotinamide riboside chloride), a large number of chemical and laboratory steps are necessary. After a catalytic reaction of nicotinamide riboside kinase, NR is treated with adenosine triphosphate and nicotinamide riboside kinase. Then follow the hydrolysis → extraction → purification → concentration → recrystallization → drying and grinding → quality assurance and controls.

What is micronized NMN

The same NMN manufacturing process, in addition, the surface structure of the powder particles is refined. The texture and the typical NMN properties remain unchanged during micronization. Micronization reduces the volume by about half for the same number of grams. The micronized NMN has a density of 0,6-0,8 g/ml versus a density of 0,18-0,20 g/ml for standard NMN. The optimal surface quality guarantees significantly better stability, longer durability and easier handling due to the lower volume. Micronized NMN - 13 second demonstration video. | Try our Micronized NMN for a one-time introductory price. I am happy about positive NMN testimonials: Office@age-science.com

NMN - Storage

Always store NMN in a cool, dark and dry place, preferably in the refrigerator or in a basement. Leave the NMN in its packaging or transfer to a tightly closed opaque container. Micronized NMN: we recommend cool storage, preferably in the fridge. Test our micronized NMN for a one-time introductory price. If you have already had negative experiences with other NMN providers, then I look forward to your NMN testimonials: Office@age-science.com

NMN stability

Our NMN is extremely stable. In a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test

NMN - A market with many black sheep

There are countless online dealers on the NMN market. Many of them from overseas. The problem is what quality do you get! The NMN certificates circulating on the Internet can hardly be trusted, there are copies and forgeries Report on NMN certificates. If you have already had negative experiences with other NMN providers, then I look forward to your NMN testimonials: Office@age-science.com

NMN is an expensive active ingredient, abuse is inevitable. Important points to consider when shopping @ NMN shopping tips

Information about dietary supplements related to NMN

Dietary supplements related to NMN: Information about resveratrol & pterostilbene, TMG (betaine), vitamins D3/K2 and B12, sulforaphane, L-carnosine and berberine can be found on the Internet. Resveratrol also @ Sunday natural/resveratrol. TMG (betaine) also @ Sunday-natural / tmg-betain. Vitamin D3 / K2 also @ Sunday-natural / D3 / K2. Vitamin B12 also @ Sunday natural / B12. Berberine also @ Sunday-natural/berberine. Sulforaphane also @ vitaconcept / sulforaphan. L-carnosine also @ Zein Pharma. As an over-the-counter alternative to prescription Metformin was Berberine mentioned.

Note to Resveratrol / Pterostilbene: According to the latest studies, they do not activate sirtuins. Instead, they are supposed to put body cells under stress and damage them. Resveratrol Studies @ study 2020, study 2017, study 2013

Shipping via EU external warehouses from suppliers from GB and overseas - "NMN deliveries without EU VAT are not legal"

Beware of NMN providers with shipping via EU external warehouses – EU VAT obligation is bypassed! These providers illegally send the NMN within the EU Customs Union without EU Customs Union VAT and thus achieve an immense price advantage. This tax fraud is punishable and is equivalent to tax evasion. As a buyer, for your own safety, it is essential that you request an invoice that clearly shows the amount and percentage of the “EU Customs Union VAT”! In this case, ignorance does not protect against punishment. Please seek tax advice. If you have already had such negative experiences with other NMN providers, I would be happy to hear about your experience: Office@age-science.com. DANGER: You will not receive a micronized NMN but a NO-NAME NMN (we tested it)!! Age Science Uthever® NMN micronized this is how it looks @  13 second demo video

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I would be happy if you support our work. If you would like to share your NMN experiences with me, you are welcome to send me your NMN experience report: Office@age-science.com. More About Us and Our NMN.

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Martin Krampen


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