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It's up to us - to support the functionality and repair system of our body and to improve the aging process and quality of life in old age with NMN & Supplements.

September 2020 – Prof. Dr. David Sinclair, aging researcher at Harvard University, describes the processes that trigger aging and the ways to stop aging. His book "Das Ende des Altern" (English version "Lifespan") has been on the market since 2019.

Research assumes that our genetic makeup only determines 20 to 30 percent of how fast and how we age. The remaining 70 to 80 percent are due to the wear and tear of our body, the environment, lifestyle and nutrition.

One of the favored scientific theories of aging is the wear and tear theory. Here you can currently see the greatest starting points to slow down and stop aging.


The starting point are the body's own active ingredients that are responsible for life support and the aging process. Many of these vital endogenous substances decrease continuously with age. Therefore, the supply of these essential substances is considered sensible. Currently, the scientific work of Prof. Dr. David Sinclair and his team from Harvard Medical School are promising. His research results too NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide and NAD + can be tracked with us.


Most importantly, live a healthy life and fast regularly! Good balanced diet, good sleep, lots of exercise and sport. Avoid foods with added sugar, meat / sausage (instead fish), too much salt, bad fats, alcohol and nicotine. Protect yourself from UV and X-rays.

Support the functionality and the repair system of your body with the supply of important body-own substances which decrease continuously with the beginning of the aging process, some already from the mid 30s. We will introduce the individual substances to you and start with: NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide

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