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Important: Shipping via EU external warehouses from suppliers from GB and overseas - "NMN deliveries without EU VAT are not legal"

These providers illegally send the NMN within the EU Customs Union without EU Customs Union VAT and thus achieve an immense price advantage. This tax fraud is punishable and is equivalent to tax evasion. As a buyer, for your own safety, it is essential that you request an invoice that clearly shows the amount and percentage of the "EU Customs Union VAT"! In this case, ignorance does not protect against punishment. Please seek tax advice. CAUTION:: You will not receive a micronized NMN but a no-name NMN (we tested it)!!  Age Science Uthever® NMN micronized this is how it looks @13 second demo video

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) belongs to the family of B3 vitamins. NMN is a naturally occurring vitamin B3 chemical compound; such a compound is also called a derivative. The molecule is the immediate precursor of NAD+ and is involved in the biosynthesis of NAD+ in all living things. NAD+ plays an essential role in longevity and the aging process. From the age of 30, the NAD+ values ​​in our body cells decrease continuously, so that the aging process and diseases increase. Scientific studies show that the addition of NMN can increase the NAD+ level in organisms and correct the impending consequences. NMN is traded as a chemical in Germany and Europe. All information about NMN can be found @ NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide

NMN is an expensive active ingredient, abuse is inevitable. Particular caution is required when purchasing direct from overseas and when purchasing particularly inexpensive products. It is reported that, among other things, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), milk powder or stretched NMN is supplied.

Important points to consider when shopping @ NMN shopping tips

There are over 30 years of national and international experience in the background. Responsible are the KVB Gesellschaft mbh and the owner Mr. Martin Krampen.

We have been researching and testing NMN since 2019, we are pioneers in the NMN scene. We are the first NMN supplier to specialize in NMN powder on the German and European market. Today we work with the world's best NMN manufacturers, belongs to it Uthever® by EffePharm. We have extensively checked and tested all of our suppliers. We regularly carry out quality controls in order to meet our high NMN standard - To our certificates.

There are now many newcomers on the NMN powder market. Partly with impressive websites and bold advertising. That is intentional and a good thing, because competition and demand stimulate the market. We have already achieved a lot, the NMN market prices have more than halved since 2019! All NMN users benefit from it. We are continuing to work towards our goal - everyone should benefit from NMN and the new products for aging research!

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Age Science Uthever® NMN has a very high purity quality of over 99%. Our NMN is certified by German analysis laboratories accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. You can find the complete quality specifications for our NMN @ Our NMN certificates

Age Science Uthever® NMN is extremely stable, no special transport, no special cooling and storage is required! In a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test

Now New! Age-Science Uthever® Micronized NMN - yet better stability & durability, higher density, lower volume thus easier handling. Unchanged NMN Nature & Properties | Test it for a one-time introductory price

Age-Science Uthever® NMN is over 99% pure. What are the other ingredients? The remaining ingredients are nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide (Nam). NR is the starting material for the production of NMN and nicotinamide is the breakdown product. Both substances are therefore harmless.

We offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee for any product that you are not completely satisfied with. Simply return the unopened unused portion for a full refund or product cost credit (shipping charges are non-refundable). Please enclose the invoice or delivery note with your return. More details @ satisfaction guarantee

Age Science Uthever® NMN is extremely stable. Stored refrigerated and unopened in our green sealed aluminum pouches with inner double pharmaceutical polyethylene foil pouches (NMN stress test packaging) has a shelf life of at least 2 years. You can find the corresponding best before date for your purchase on your NMN product.

The new micronized NMN: we recommend storage in the refrigerator. It can also be stored away from light and dry at room temperature. In this case, after a certain time, there will be a slight change in color (brownish/yellowish), which is completely harmless and has no effect on the quality.

Always store Age-Science Uthever® NMN in a cool, dry place protected from light, preferably in a refrigerator or in a cool basement room. Leave the NMN in its packaging or transfer to a tightly closed opaque container. For short-term use, store a smaller amount in an opaque container, even at room temperature.

The new micronized NMN: we recommend storing it in the fridge. It can also be stored dry and protected from light, outside the refrigerator. In this case, after a certain time, there will be a slight change in color (brownish/yellowish) that has no effect on the quality.

Age-Science Uthever® NMN has been shown to be stable in a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test. Our Age-Science Uthever® NMN is sold worldwide in the NMN stress test packaging delivered. Storage at room temperature is therefore harmless.

If you have to store NMN for a longer period of time, store it in the freezer at -20 ° C

With the same NMN manufacturing process, the surface structure of the powder particles is refined. The powder particles are uniform and round, densely packed, which reduces exposure to oxygen and moisture in the air. The NMN quality and the typical NMN properties remain unchanged during micronization. Micronization reduces the volume by about half for the same number of grams. The result is a higher density of 0,6-0,8 g/ml compared to a density of 0,18-0,20 g/ml for standard NMN. This optimal surface quality guarantees significantly better stability, longer durability and easier handling due to the lower volume | We recommend cool storage, preferably in the fridge | Try our Micronized NMN for a one-time introductory price

In favor of the price, we forego complex and expensive packaging - we focus on efficiency and safety. The content is crucial and not the packaging!

Age-Science Uthever® NMN powder is very well packed and hermetically sealed in green aluminum bags with inner double pharmaceutical polyethylene bags. Upon receipt, the NMN can be transferred to a well-closed, dark (glass) container. Keep a smaller amount in a separate container for short-term use.

Age-Science Uthever® NMN does not need to be shipped or stored refrigerated. It proved to be stable in a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test

The Age-Science Uthever® NMN is very well packed and hermetically sealed in green aluminum bags with inner double pharmaceutical polyethylene bags (identical to the packaging from our NMN stress test).

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Deliveries to third countries may incur customs and VAT fees

VAT-free to companies in the EU with a valid VAT ID and commercial NMN use | From a net value of goods of € 500 | Info & discounts in the shopping cart | Also as Withe Lable (neutrally packaged)

The shipment of our Age Science Uthever® NMN comes in a padded mailer. The NMN powder is very well packed and hermetically sealed in green aluminum bags with double polyethylene bags inside (identical to the packaging from our NMN stress test). Our NMN does not need to be shipped chilled.

Our Age Science Uthever® NMN has proved to be stable in a 6-month stress test at 40°C and 75% humidity, the purity loss was only 0,1%. The test result @ NMN stress test

It is best to use a milligram scale for weighing. For example, there are numerous laboratory scales on Amazon for little more than 10 EUR.

The density of our standard NMN is between 0.18 - 0.20 g/ml and of our micronized NMN between 0.6 - 0.8 g/ml.

NMN is classified as a chemical in Europe and is not intended for human consumption. There is no official information on dosage or consumption. You can find information on this, compiled from scientific studies and publications @ NMN experiences

Food supplements: ResveratrolTMG (betaine), Vitamin D3 / K2, Sulforaphane, L-carnosine can be found cheaply on the Internet (amazon, online pharmacies). Resveratrol also directly @ Sunday-natural / resveratrolTMG (betaine) also directly @ Sunday-natural / tmg-betain. Vitamin D3 / K2 also directly @ Sunday-natural / D3 / K2. Vitamin B12 also @ Sunday natural / B12Berberine also @ Sunday-natural/berberine. Sulforaphane also directly @ vitaconcept / sulforaphan. L-carnosine also directly @ Zein Pharma. As an over-the-counter alternative to prescription Metformin is Berberine mentioned.

You can also find links to suppliers of nutritional supplements @ NMN experiences

Note to Resveratrol / Pterostilbene: According to the latest studies, they do not activate sirtuins. Instead, they are supposed to put body cells under stress and damage them. Studies on this @ study 2020study 2017study 2013

Sublingual application. Melt a substance under the tongue or in the cheeks. As a result, it reaches the blood directly through the oral mucous membranes and does not have to pass through the gastrointestinal tract. According to general opinion, up to 5 times better bioavailability compared to oral ingestion / capsules.

How old are we really The epigenetic test provides information about the biological age. A patented test procedure uses the methylation markers on the DNA to determine the actual biological age with scientific accuracy. Once this base value - the epigenetic age - has been determined, it is up to everyone to positively influence their own age. Because the methylation markers on the DNA are in principle reversible, i.e. reversible.

More information on this @ Biological age

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You will find all the important information about our NMN @ Our NMN | Experience reports, tests and much more @ NMN experiences


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