Biological Age – How Old Are We Really?

Discover your real age. The epigenetic test gives you information about your biological age.

We don't just age according to time | How old are we really 

The aging process of each person is individual and many factors affect the status quo of their biological age. Diet, exercise, habits, stress levels and the environment are important indicators on the way to a healthy and long life. A patented test procedure uses the methylation markers on your DNA to determine your actual, biological age with scientific accuracy. Once you have determined this base value - your epigenetic age - you decide for yourself how you want to positively influence your age. Because the methylation markers on your DNA are in principle reversible, i.e. reversible. And that's good news: Your age is in your own hands. Day after day and year after year.

The German-American scientist Steve Horvath discovered the epigenetic clock. The “clock of life” determines the true age of a person with scientific accuracy.

Turn your biological clock | Impetus for change 

Every doctor can confirm that certain behaviors have positive effects on your health - and thus also on your aging process: Eat a balanced and varied diet. Get enough exercise and exercise regularly. Make sure you have a restful and healthy sleep. Avoid stress. Refrain from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. See your test result as confirmation or an incentive to take initiative.

Your age put to the test | Trust is good - an epigenetic test is better

With the epigenetic test you will receive your personal age check. Depending on whether your biological age is above or below your chronological (calendar) age, you can evaluate your own lifestyle and, if necessary, draw conclusions for changes. And that's not all: a follow-up test can double-check your efforts and see the effects on your aging process. Why not make up for a couple of years?

This is how the epigenetic test works | Your age in scientific accuracy

The test offers you an easy-to-use DNA analysis to calculate your biological age. After an uncomplicated saliva test, you will receive the test result of your epigenetic age within a few weeks. The epiAge Test Germany collaborates with the independent laboratory of Prof. Dr. Moshe Szyf, one of the leading epigenetics worldwide. Make use of the scientific expertise to plan health-promoting measures and anti-aging strategies and to check their effectiveness.

Epigenetics for your success

The test was conducted at McGill University in Montreal by Professor Moshe Szyf and his team. His HKG epiTherapeutics laboratory evaluates your samples according to the latest research findings. With sound scientific competence, you will receive a precise epigenetics tool to determine your personal biological age.

More about the epigenetic test: Scientific background

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